New customers, and customers who have never purchased from our website, need to create an online account first. After you find the product(s) you would like to purchase, use the Add to Cart button to place them in your shopping cart. To view the contents of the shopping cart, you can click on the icon of a shopping cart in the top right of every page on the site. This will take you to the shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

In the shopping cart, you can edit the items by adding or subtracting quantities. You can click on the "Remove" button to delete an entry. You can also use the Add More & Save feature to take advantage of stated quantity discounts where applicable. If you change any quantities, you will need to click on the Update Your Cart button to submit the change. You will also notice a Ground Shipping Estimator that will give you an idea of what the shipping costs will be for this order. Simply enter your zip code in the field provided.

To proceed, click on the Check Out button at the bottom. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to either create a new account or login to proceed.

Billing & Shipping

In the next step, we need to ask where you want your order to be shipped to as well as your billing address. You will notice two boxes with addresses in them. You can add a new address or edit an existing address. Notice the drop down box above each address box. This is where you select an address for each box individually. Once you have selected which addresses you want to use, you need to select which shipping method. Simply click on the round circle beside which method is best for this order.

To proceed, click on the Continue button at the bottom.

Payments & Options

The next screen is where we collect your payment information. At the top, you have options on what type of payment method you would like to use. Credit card is the most typical option but if you are an established customer with an open line of credit or you would like to apply for one, you can use the Purchase Order option. If you do not have a line of credit and you select the Purchase Order option, there will be a credit check delay and you will be contacted before the order is processed.

If you decide to use a credit card, your Bill To address must be the address assigned to the credit card or your order will not process. You have an option of entering a new credit card into our system or using a previously entered one. Your credit card numbers are never stored on our servers. We use an alias system via CardVault. This allows us to keep a record of what card you used plus allow you to reuse a card without knowing the actual card details. This keeps your personal card information secure.

The last section of this page allows you to enter order comments.

To proceed, click on the Continue button at the bottom.

Confirm Order

The last step of the checkout process is to review all the data and confirm the order. If you notice an error in the addresses or the payment information, you can click on the edit buttons to fix the errors. At this stage, you are given the option of saving your addresses and payment method as a default setting for an expedited checkout process on future orders. To process this order, click on the Place Order button at the bottom.

If you have a question that is not covered in this help, you can click on the Live Chat button at the top of this page to talk to a customer service representative or call us at 800-537-9724 Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm EST.