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What are the differences between HDPE, LDPE, XLPE, LLDPE, and UHMWPE?
Date: 08/13/2008
Summary: Brief description of each type of polyethylene.
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What is the difference between NPT and NPS thread?
Date: 03/13/2015
Summary: NPT vs. NPS
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Is PVC and CPVC pipe UV resistant?
Date: 12/11/2007
Summary: Weatherability of PVC Pipe
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Which type of plastic sheet do I need for my application?
Date: 05/16/2003
Summary: The different styles, applications, and temperature ranges for plastic sheet are necessary in determining the right plastic for your project. We give a brief description and application use for each type of plastic sheet we have in our inventory.
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How do I know how to calculate a cap & neck size?
Date: 07/21/2003
Summary: A brief explanation on understanding the cap & neck finish on bottles.
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What do the UN codes mean?
Date: 11/15/2007
Summary: General information on understanding UN codes.
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How much do the acrylic sheets weigh?
Date: 12/10/2010
Summary: Average weight per square foot for the acrylic sheet.
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Lexan ® Polycarbonate Cleaning Instructions
Date: 03/31/2009
Summary: Lexan cleaning and scratch removal
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What is the difference between standard PVC pipe and furniture-grade PVC pipe?
Date: 08/17/2007
Summary: The differences between furniture-grade and standard PVC pipe and fittings
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What is a Spigot (SPIG), and how does it differ from Socket and Hub?
Date: 05/30/2008
Summary: What the difference is between spigot and socket or hub.
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